My Salary History

Salary history

Inspired by Jamie Tanna’s blogpost, I wanted to share my salary history.

I included part-time jobs I had as a student and all employers (and held titles) after graduation. In the future I’ll also create blogposts on what I do/have done in these positions. I mostly created this page to have another resource available for software engineers in the south of The Netherlands, or for software engineers wanting to move here.

Date Amount € Company Level Job title
01-09-2022 62640 5B Senior Developer
01-02-2022 55920 5A Senior Developer
01-09-2021 52270 5A Senior Developer
01-09-2020 47950 4B Developer
01-09-2019 40100 4A Developer
01-09-2018 36780 4A Developer
01-09-2017 34500 3B Junior Developer
01-09-2016 33048 3A Junior Developer
01-02-2016 6480 None Intern Developer